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Basement Sewage Backup Cleaning in Wallingford, CT

3/8/2023 (Permalink)

Basement Sewage Backup Cleaning Near Me in Wallingford, CT SERVPRO of Meriden uses advanced cleaning equipment and techniques for expert basement sewage backup cleanup in Wallingford, CT.

Sewage in your basement is something that no home or business owner hopes to deal with due to the odor and contamination it can cause. When it happens, it requires immediate and professional assistance to be properly handled. 

Sewage water is designated as Category 3: Black Water, which means that it’s grossly unsanitary and contains bacteria and viruses that can cause severe illness or even death if ingested. That’s why you should always take extreme caution when a backup occurs in your own home or business.

Here, we will outline why you may be dealing with a sewage backup in your basement, as well as the steps you should take if you discover a sewage backup on your property.

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Why Is Your Sewer Backing Up in Your Basement?

The most common causes of sewage backups include:

  • Clogs in drain pipes or main sewer line. If you flush anything other than toilet paper, like feminine hygiene products, your drain lines may become clogged. This can also occur when items like cooking oil or hair are rinsed down the drain.
  • Physical damage to sewer lines. When sewer lines become corroded or damaged, wastewater is unable to flow away from your property. Instead, damaged or cracked pipes can cause wastewater to backflow into your basement.
  • Tree roots growing into pipes or septic system. Tree roots are naturally drawn to the water in your underground pipes, so they can often grow around or even through your pipes, creating cracks in your sewer line that lead to a backup in your basement.
  • Overflowing septic tank. Septic tanks are designed to hold a certain amount of water, so when a septic tank isn’t regularly pumped out, it can reach its maximum capacity. When this happens, your tank can overflow and water flows back into your property.
  • Heavy rains or flooding. Your municipal sewer system collects the runoff from your whole neighborhood, so periods of heavy rain and flooding can overfill your municipal sewer system, causing sewage water to flood your basement.

What To Do When Your Sewer Backs Up

  • Stay out of the contaminated area. Sewage water is highly unsanitary, so you should never enter the affected area.
  • Call a plumber or septic company to repair the issue. A plumbing professional can help determine the cause of your backup. If your sewer pipe is damaged, it will need to be repaired or replaced. If the backup is due to a clogged drain, a plumber can help clear it.
  • Call for professional sewage backup cleaning in Wallingford, CT. You want to seek assistance from a company with the equipment needed to properly clean up the mess. SERVPRO of Meriden responds 24/7 to begin immediate cleanup and restoration services.
  • Call your insurance company. Your sewage backup may be covered by your homeowners insurance, so you want to call your insurance company to find out more information and open a claim.
  • Avoid using your toilets and sinks until the sewage backup is properly handled. Don’t use the water supply system in your home until the cause of your sewage backup has been completely repaired.

Professional Basement Sewage Cleanup in Wallingford, CT

After a sewage backup in your basement, you want to seek assistance from a company with the resources needed to respond immediately to help minimize losses and properly restore your home and belongings to safe conditions.

As your local experts in biohazard and sewage backup cleaning in Wallingford, CT, you can trust SERVPRO of Meriden to handle any size sewage loss with the most expert cleaning services. Our team is IICRC Certified with all of the knowledge and specialized equipment needed to get your home back to normal.

When you call SERVPRO of Meriden for basement sewage cleanup in Wallingford, CT, our team is ready to respond 24 hours a day to make your sewage disaster “Like it never even happened.”

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