Recent Before & After Photos

ceiling remediation after wall damage

Water came in from the bedroom ceiling down the wall and the water damaged the wall. SERVPRO remediated the ceiling by the heating vent to remove the damaged ce... READ MORE

Remediation of Water Damaged Wall

After a flood, the drywall in the walls pulled the water into the drywall and into the wood behind the drywall. We needed to take the heating vent cover off to ... READ MORE

Water Damaged dry wall

A wall between 2 doors that was damaged by water and flooding. This caused the drywall to "suck up" the water and damage the drywall, making it susceptible to m... READ MORE

Water Damaged, Dirty Floor In basement

Water damage in the basement left dirt and residue on the tile floor. SERVPRO came in and did the cleaning and drying and left the entire area spotless, so clea... READ MORE

Wind Knocked Down a Tree, Pushed In Window

Wind storm knocked down a tree and a part of the tree went through the window allowing the wind, rain, and debris to come into the area. SERVPRO of Meriden clea... READ MORE

Fire Damage - Meriden CT

Fire Damage Cleanup. Nothing worse than a fire. It is horrible, the event and the odor that lingers, you may never be the same. Let us help. SERVPRO of Meriden ... READ MORE

Pipe Burst Meriden CT

Pipes burst, wet, damaged item. SERVPRO of Meriden came in and dried, sorted, organized, cleaned, the entire area

Water Damaged Floor In Bedroom Meriden CT

Water came in from the roof after a storm and the SERVPRO of Meriden team came in, took out all the water and damaged material plus positioned air movers to mak... READ MORE

Cleaning Wall in Commercial Location - Meriden CT

Soot, dust, dirt, grime attaches to walls and leaves a dark, grey film that makes the entire area look old. With the right tools and equipment, SERVPRO of Merid... READ MORE

Dirt on beams - Meriden CT

These images are from a commercial job that we recently completed. Over time dust and dirt developed on the beams above peoples' heads. It was black, grimy and ... READ MORE